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1: bæsj
Score: 2.147484E+09
2: KevinYuuuuu=]
Score: 1.010354E+07
3: Phil
Score: 1.004058E+07
4: Jessica_P
Score: 9646885
5: Sayha_PNG
Score: 8573942


1: bæsj
Score: 2.147484E+09
2: Tom_Allan
Score: 2.587792E+07
3: Jax
Score: 9968427
4: EpicBalla
Score: 9896745
5: BIg_d
Score: 9846690
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About Stick Skater

Stickskater is a website dedicated to the online community of the iPhone skate game by the same name.
The game was developed by Australian mobile game development studio Traction Games.

Use this website to view high scores, chat in realtime with other players, discuss game tips and any skating related topic on the forums.

Skate 'the tube' to view the latest video clip postings from within the forum.


This site and its contents remain copyright of Turbo Chilli Pty Ltd trading as Traction Games (c) 2009 and may not be used in any other context without direct permision from the owners.


Any skating depicted on this website or within the game Stick Skater should be considered dangerous and should not be imitated unless under controlled circumstances.